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Emergency Rotation II

May 2, 2010

Just coming off the night shift at the emergency department.  First time I’ve ever tried drinking Rockstar, and I’m not gonna lie, that is some powerful stuff.

Did chest compressions on an elderly man last night.  He was old, and so I am pretty sure it was his ribs I could feel breaking and crunching while I was jamming on his chest.  He was coded for about 15 minutes before the attending called it off.  Old man with cancer, and I guess this was his time.  Surreal stripping off my gloves and walking out of the resus room, diving back into the bustle of the emergency department after being part of an unsuccessful effort to save a person’s life.  The intern told me that I had done good chest compressions.

Put sutures into another man’s head just before I left this morning.  It took a long time; he was very patient and I was very clumsy.  He was grateful for my second class work and that surprised me.

I did not fall asleep once during this shift.  I am bad at finding pedal pulses.  I helped cut the clothes off of four separate people.

There is no good breakfast food at home right now.  So after the shift ended, I walked to the starbucks by my house.  For about 5 seconds I stood mute at the counter because I couldn’t remember what it was I wanted to order.  I ate a bagel and sipped my hot chocolate by a window.  Watched people come and go for a little bit, with their kids going to volleyball tournaments.

I got up, came home, sat down and wrote this, and now I am going to go to bed.


Emergency Rotation

May 1, 2010

Fourth year is officially here!  Last week on the night before my last shelf exam, I closed my textbook and it felt like a million pounds just fell off my shoulders.

Since then I have done a few shifts in the Emergency Dept as a 4th year, and it’s been a totally different experience.  A lot more autonomy.  Last night I got to suture a girl’s hand closed after she fell on some glass.  And I diagnosed a nursemaid’s elbow the attending had missed.

All in all it was an awesome shift, and it helped restore a few of the soul-points I think I had hemorrhaged over the last several months of my third year.