New Blog Name and Big Boy Pants

It’s been a while since I’ve updated.  But in my defense, I’ve been busy.

With my graduation from medical school and the start of my surgical residency, I felt it only appropriate that I re-christen the blog.  I liked the name “Second String Hero” because I think that in a lot of ways, it sums up how I feel about residency.  You’re not the best.  You’re learning.  You are not the master of the knowledge that you are practicing.  Indeed, you’re learning how to be a good doctor, to be a good surgeon.  Everything is mildly uncomfortable, everything is new.  When you master one skill set, you move on to learn another.  There is rarely time to settle down and rest upon the comfort of your hard-won knowledge.  No, it’s up and at ’em again, to climb another hill of learning.  But in order to grow into those big boy pants, you first have to don them being a few sizes too small.  You have to be placed in roles that are a little above your head, a little out of your comfort zone.  And you have to try and fill the role, and through that trying (and sometimes failing) you learn.  And with time, you come to fill that role, master the knowledge.  But by then it’s time to move on, new role, new growth, more discomfort and more scrambling to learn.

And so I feel like all through my education that is in some way what I am.  A boy too small for his britches, trying to fill those big boy pants and not let on that I’m doing a job that is almost too big for me.  I am not the best choice for most of these jobs; that is the point.  I am supposed to learn.  And so hence the name, Second String Hero.

That, plus it sounds mighty catchy.


One Response to “New Blog Name and Big Boy Pants”

  1. Mike Frazier Says:

    I’m just starting up residency this year myself and appreciate the blog! It is a catchy name.

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